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Aniyajazz is a group of 7 individuals with one common goal of turning people on to jazz music. Our music is a collage of smooth jazz, traditional, Neo-Soul, Latin, Gospel, and Hip Hop.  Some people call this music Acid Jazz, we call it good music. We are happy to let you know we have completed our new CD, Colors of the Sun, a collaboration of Aniyajazz working with many great musicians and producers in the contemporary jazz world. When you read the credits you will see how blessed we are to work with some gifted and also humble people ! Take the time and and listen to Aniyajazz and let us know what you think about our current CD! Were excited about this one and would like you to feel the positive energy that happen when many musical ideas come together to create Colors of the Sun



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April 24Celebrations on MarketWilmington, DE
April 30Private Event 
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A well integrated tapestry of sound….a hint of traditional; a thread of fusion; a continued rhythm in motion….. A must have for the discerning jazz connoisseur.

Delbert Boyer, plays guitar like a jazz infused Clapton – his approach is soothing – calm – and phrasing is relaxed and easy. Indeed, Boyer’s slow hand is just what makes love of music, love of music – there’s a caressing happening – and the listener benefits. Boyer has assembled a tremendously gifted five-piece ensemble for the project/band, Aniya. The rhythm section of Nate Jacobs on drums and Tyrone Blanford is one of the best we’ve heard. Blanford’s tasty lines jump out as smooth and ambitious….. This album is magic!

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